UHET - a Scottish charity -

The Universal Health and Education Trust is a charity registered in Scotland since 2001.

Registered Charity SC013443

PLC Company Number 226437

Here follows an extract from theConstitution:

  1. NAME

The name of the Company is Universal Health and Education Trust Limited (the Trust)


The registered office of the Trust is to be in Scotland


The objects of the Trust are to advance education and relieve sickness and disease. In furtherance thereof but not otherwise, the company shall seek :-

3.1 To initiate and support research into the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, addictions and other ailments and make the results of such research available to the public.

3.2 To use and promote the use of natural plant remedies and medicines in the treatment of disease, dependencies and social health ailments.

3.3 To provide education in human values using holistic, whole person, approaches for children and young people.

3.4 To carry out and support research and development into the principles and practices of the teaching of human values, personal development and enrichment and make the results of such research available to the public.

3.5 To provide conferences, seminars and training on issues pertaining to holistic health and education.

3.6 To research and develop and to pursue the benefits of alternative, integrated and sustainable ecological and environmental lifestyles, food production and energy sources and make the results of such research available to the public.


The Trust has the following powers, which may be exercised only in promoting the Objects :-

4.1 To promote or carry out research and development

4.2 To provide advice

4.3 To publish or distribute information

4.4 To co-operate with other bodies

4.5 To support, administer or set up other charities or non-profit making organisations

4.6 To raise funds (but not by means of taxable trading)

4.7 To borrow money and give security for loans

4.8 To acquire or hire property of any kind

4.9 To let or dispose of property of any kind

4.10 To make grants or loans of money and to give guarantees

4.11 To set aside funds for special purposes or as reserves against future expenditure

4.12 To deposit or invest funds in any manner (but to invest only after obtaining advise from a financial expert and having regard to the suitability of investments and the need for diversification)

4.13 To delegate the management of investments to a financial expert, but only on the following terms :-

4.13.1 the investment policy is set down in writing for the financial expert by the Trustees

4.13.2 every transaction is reported promptly to the Trustees

4.13.3 the performance of the investments is reviewed regularly with the Trustees

4.13.4 the Trustees are entitled to cancel the delegation arrangement at any time

4.13.5 the investment policy and the delegation arrangement are reviewed at least once a year

4.13.6 all payments due to the financial expert are on a scale or at a level which is agreed in advance and are notified promptly to the Trustees on receipt

4.13.7 the financial expert must not do anything outside the powers of the Trustees

4.14 To arrange for investments or other property of the Trust to be held in the name of a nominee (being a corporate body registered or having an established place of business in the United Kingdom) under the control of the Trustees or of a financial expert acting under their instructions and to pay any reasonable fee required

4.15 To insure the property of the Trust against any foreseeable risk and take out other insurance policies to protect the Trust when required

4.16 To insure the Trustees against the costs of a successful defence to a criminal prosecution brought against them as trustee or against any personal liability incurred in respect of any act or omission which is or alleged to be a breach of trust or breach of duty, unless the Trustee concerned knew that, or was reckless, that the act or omission was a breach of trust or duty

4.17 Subject to clause 5, to employ paid or unpaid agents, staff or advisers

4.18 To enter into contracts to provide services to or on behalf of other bodies

4.19 To establish subsidiary companies to assist or act as agents for the Trust

4.20 To pay the costs of forming the Trust

4.21 To do anything else within the law which promotes or helps to promote the Objects

The Trust operates under the name of Culdees and its main activitieshave been centred around the CuldeesEco Village.